74. I laugh of the most retarded things.

Like… pink tutu

Is easy to make me laugh if you don’t force </3

71. Things that piss me off.

  • Ignoring me. 

  • People who get mad about everything.

  • Telling me what I have to do. 

  • Telling that someone is better then me.

  • People who don’t know how to play/joke.

  • Drink all the bootle of coke.

  • "Your music sucks"

  • "Your OTP is not real"

lazy to write more

69. I am a boring person.

Just my friends understand my jokes, and the way I act.

The most of people think I’m a retarded.

68. Sometimes I woke up without t-shirt or pants.

Yeah, and It scary me sometimes.

67. I have already woke up at 3am just to play Kingdom Hearts 2 before go to school

And you have no idea how sleep is important to me, so, Kingdom Hearts IS SO FUCKING AMAZING

63. Wear skirts are not secure.

Thats why I never use, and I don’t like to show my legs.